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NurseryNursery Committee
Beginners Ages 1 - 4Kristin Montgomery and Martha Love 
Primary 2 Grades K - 1 and Primary 3 Grades 2 - 3Amber Dotson and Monica Barber
Junior Grades 4 - 5 and Youth A Grades 6 - 8Eddie Dotson and Julie Searcy
Youth B Grades 9 - 12Dewayne Sherman and Jackie Lynch       
Collegiate Ages 18+Zach Searcy
Adult Men 1George Ruff and Chauncey Barber
Adult Ladies IDonnie Dotson and Gene Wilson
Adult Ladies 2Louise Hollifield and Kay Burgess
Adult 3Glen Whitmire and Leo Lynch
Adult 4Bill Day
Adult 5Benny G. Jackson
Adult 6Denise Hofmann
Superintendent and AssistantTravis Dotson and Gene Wilson