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HAPPY BIRTHDAYs for the month of February

Lucas Whitmire February 1
Alex Ross February 3
Shirley Gilbert February 7
Savannah Ross February 7
Terry Lynch February 7
Bryan Lynch February 8
Chris Crissone February 9
Beth Ledford February 9
Frances Ruff February 9
Charlene Searcy February 9
Martha Love February 10
Keith Rimer February 12
Grady Jackson February 13
Don Burgess February 14
Ryan Wilson February 16
Laddy Edwards February 18
Sara Berg February 20
Autumn Owen February 21
Greg Dimsdale February 22
Alma Cook February 22
Abbie Love February 22
Brian Wilson February 23
Jeff Lawrence February 25
Benji Tipton February 25
Eddie Dotson February 27
Clarence Wilson February 27
Jeremiah Carswell February 28
Edith Gilbert February 28

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for the month of January

Laddy & Teresa Edwards February 19
Donnie & Luanne Dotson February 27